Invest in trans youth leadership.

I want to tell you about a friend of mine, Austin.

Four years ago, Austin came to his first LTA support meeting in Baton Rouge.

He was 18 years old, living in his car, and trying so hard to find a job where he could work full-time hours.

Austin cried as he shared his story with the group. He felt completely overwhelmed, and desperate for his life to turn around.

Because of the love and support of members of the LTA community, Austin was able to find housing and a new job.

He got involved in grassroots advocacy with LTA, and over the course of just a few months, Austin learned skills that he'll be able to use for the rest of his life. Now — just a few years later — he has a great job at a local nonprofit helping lift people out of poverty.

We need more Austins.

Louisiana Trans Advocates is preparing to launch a program that will train a cohort of young people just like Austin to be leaders in their communities.

Trans youth between the ages of 18-24 will be paid to spend time together learning how to change hearts, minds, policies, and lives from local, state, and national leaders in the LGBTQ movement.

Each of them will be matched to an elected official for intergenerational learning. The elected officials will mentor them in politics and government, and they’ll also learn from the youth participants, who will serve as their LGBTQ Policy Advisor.

They'll graduate with resumes, headshots, business cards, and a whole new set of skills and a professional network that they can carry with them into their careers.

With the incredibly generous support of an anonymous donor, we're closer than ever to launching of this program. Our donor has offered to get us over the finish line by matching every dollar you contribute to this program up to $2500.

Please contribute what you can today in order to help change the lives of young trans people like Austin.

With gratitude,

Dylan Waguespack
President, Board of Directors
Louisiana Trans Advocates

Dylan Waguespack