ACTION ALERT: Ask your rep to cosponsor HB 302


The first day of the Louisiana Legislative Session is almost here. Lawmakers will descend on the State Capitol on Monday, April 8 and will spend the next two months debating and voting on future state laws. We need you ready to start influencing the process.

Louisiana is one of 31 states where discrimination against LGBTQ people is still legal. The Louisiana Employment Nondiscrimination Act, House Bill 302 by Representative Joe Bouie, would prohibit workplace discrimination against LGBTQ people so that no one can legally discriminate against trans and queer people based on who we are or who we love. 

We need you to take action today. Contact your state representative and ask them to cosponsor HB 302 by Representative Joe Bouie.

Step 1: Pull up your state rep’s contact info by entering your voting address on this page. Their name is the first one listed when you enter your voting address into the form. Click on their names to be brought to a page with their contact information.

Step 2: Use this script (or make your own) to write them an email:

Hello/Good Morning Representative ____________,

My name is ________ and I’m a constituent of yours. I work as a __________ at _________ (describe your role/job), and I live in ________________. I am writing to introduce myself as a constituent, and also as a transgender person (or an ally/parent/child/friend of a transgender person).

[Feel free to add any personal details such as schools attended or connections to the community, etc.]

I’m reaching out to ask you to please consider signing your name as a cosponsor of House Bill 302 by Representative Joe Bouie. This legislation would ensure that gay and transgender citizens have a fair opportunity to earn a living, meet their obligations, and provide for themselves and their families, while still protecting the constitutional rights of churches and religious organizations.

I plan to stay involved in the process as we move towards the legislative session this year. I’d like to be kept informed as you work on pending legislation and keep an open dialogue as various decisions are made, especially with regards to the civil rights of transgender people.

Thank you,

That’s it! Easy, right? If your representative writes you back, you can forward their response to our Policy Coordinator, Peyton Michelle at

Dylan Waguespack