ACTION ALERT: Ask House Labor to vote YES on HB 302

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Louisiana is one of 31 states where discrimination against LGBTQ people is still legal. The Louisiana Employment Nondiscrimination Act, House Bill 302 by Representative Joe Bouie, would prohibit workplace discrimination against LGBTQ people so that no one can legally discriminate against trans and queer people based on who we are or who we love. 

We need you to take action today. Contact the House Committee on Labor and ask them to vote yes on HB 302 by Representative Joe Bouie.

We’ve made it easy — all you need to do is click the link above and enter your return address to send a note to every member of the committee.

That’s it! If any of the representative writes you back, you can forward their response to our Policy Coordinator, Peyton Michelle, at

Thank you for taking action.