FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Statement from Leadership of Louisiana Trans Advocates on Drag Queen Story Time

August 21, 2018
Media Contacts:
Elliot Leaux, Media Liaison
Dylan Waguespack, Board President


Statement from Leadership of Louisiana Trans Advocates on Drag Queen Story Time:

Libraries have a long-standing history of fostering learning. Learning broadens our horizons, shapes our understanding of the world, and allows us to evolve. You wouldn’t move through the world as you do without being taught how to navigate through it.

Drag Story Time coming to the Lafayette Public Library is an opportunity to learn above nothing else. In the spirit of learning, this is an excellent time to get a brief overview of what exactly drag is: a performance. Just like you might hire someone to be Elsa for a day, a drag performer will often wear beautiful and elaborate costumes and adopt the persona of a character. When the performer goes home, the costume comes off and they go on living their lives normally. A performer is not necessarily a transgender person, and the majority of drag performers are cisgender men. Even if they are, how they present in drag at a show is just for that: the show.

This is what it looks like to prevent bullying and exclusion: show your school-age children that queer and trans people are not subhuman, they aren’t exoctic, and they aren’t wrong for existing as they are. This is what it looks like to lower the suicide rate of queer kids: showing them that it’s okay to be who they are. LGBTQIA+ kids who come from highly rejecting families are 8.4 times as likely to have attempted suicide than those who reported no or low levels of family rejection.

Delta Lambda Phi is giving parents of Lafayette the opportunity to foster conversations on what it means to be different and how to accept folks that are different from us. It is shameful that Lafayette citizens and city-parish officials would condemn an opportunity to bridge the gaps in their own community. Louisiana officials are far behind the times: maybe they should read a book or two.



Dylan Waguespack