LTA Statement on the New Orleans Killing of the Second TWOC of the Weekend

Early this morning, a young transgender woman was stabbed and killed in New Orleans. She is the sixth transgender woman of color killed so far this year in the country, the third killed in Louisiana in the past week, and the second killed in New Orleans in a span of two days.

Violence against trans people, mostly trans women of color and often resulting in death, continues to plague our communities. It is imperative that our city and state leadership appropriately address this violence by supporting the work of trans people and trans-led organizations in New Orleans and across the state to ensure access to jobs, education, and housing.

We must also recognize that the shameful content and tone of the national discourse on trans issues contribute to stigmatization and dehumanization that lower the barriers to this kind of violence. New Orleans and Louisiana leaders must speak out against these killings, against the ongoing, systemic devaluation of trans people that pervades our media and politics, and against the institutional racism that places almost all of this burden on trans women of color.

Rest in power, sister.


For more, see our previous statement on the February 26 murder of Chyna Gibson.